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A new school year

As we say goodbye to 57 matrics, we welcome 32 new learners to Jan Kriel School. In Gr.10, 23 learners joined us from Astra- and Paarl schools, who only provide education up to Gr.9. The balance transferred from mainstream schools as well as Carl du Toit Centre for hearing-impaired learners.

Since Jan Kriel School’s inception as a care facility for learners with epilepsy, it has adapted over the years as the need grew to educate learners with various barriers to learning. Donor contributions make it possible to support their needs. In 2024 educators, assistants,  physical-, speech- and occupational therapists, hostel staff, psychologists, social workers and nurses assists 504 learners with the following barriers to learning: 

We wish all learners and educators a successful 2024!

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