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Food Jam 2024

Our annual Food Jam @ Jan Kriel is back! 18-20 March guests will be cooking with a celebrity chef in their own master class. With excellent ingredients sponsored by Food Lover's Market and wine pairing by Delheim, it's sure to be great fun!

Come cook with Le Roux van Vuuren, Barbara Joubert, Nate Smith, Martelize Brink, Martin de Kock or Anel Potgieter. Seats are limited to book your spot to avoid disappointment. 


Tree of Lights 2023

Our annual Tree of Lights took place on Saturday, 25 November on Jan Kriel School grounds. This year, along with inspiring performances from students, Desmond Wells delivered a fantastic show.


Family and friends joined us in lighting our tree with more than 10 000 lights! Have a look-

Tekkie Challenge 2023 

Our annual Tekkie Challenge is took place on 2 September 2023! With over 1500 entries, excitement was evident despite the cold weather. Have a look at the fun!

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