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Dynamite comes in small packages

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

"Because of my physical size, I was bullied alot in primary school. I had no confidence and felt rejected.... luckily for me I cam to Jank Kriel School from Grade 8. This changes my life. I GOT A SECOND CHANCE!

And he surely took it!

Today Litha Tofile is in Matric and as the Head boy for 2022, he leads his fellow Jan Krielers. His vision is to help others to be more prideful. To believe in themselves, no matter what their disabilities (or abilities!) are. To be confident. “Everyone must find their spot in life. The people out there are starting to change their opinion of the disabled. Now the disabled must change their opinion of themselves!”

Next year Litha plans to study law at UWC. He says: One thing at Jan Kriel stood out above all else …

ACCEPTANCE: You are accepted immediately. Like some sort of family you never knew you had.


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