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Enchanted Garden: Matric Ball '24

What a magical night it was at the Matric Ball, this year's enchanting theme of an "Enchanted Garden."  It's truly a beautiful representation of their journey from childhood to the remarkable individuals they've become as they stand on the brink of adulthood in Grade 12. Let's take a moment to reflect on the growth, resilience, and sheer determination these young adults have demonstrated throughout their academic journey.

From the beautiful dresses to the sharp suits, every moment was filled with joy and elegance.

Curious to relive those unforgettable moments? Click the link below to view the stunning photos from the evening!  Don't forget to tag yourself and your friends!

To our Matric class of 2024, your potential knows no bounds, and we cannot wait to witness the incredible heights you'll reach as you step into the world beyond these school walls.  

Let's cherish these memories forever!  #matricball #memories #classof2024

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